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Afterlife Bots – A Dead Man’s Petition

No, nor am I a Ted-popular Tech nerd otherworldly master nor am I in contact with life following death. I am simply entranced by the trendy expressions “Machine Learning” and “AI” and a little overpowered by the quantity of articles specifying those words on my news source.
I read a line in a news article that “Bots are showing signs of improvement at impersonating people”. For what reason not contract one and reduction workload by half. All things considered, I assume we are working towards it.
Google as of late declared that their AI-empowered aide (with 6 voices) can book a hair style arrangement consistently (Well I need a shave also, and I need it to go and do shopping for food handpicking the freshest tomatoes from the part).
Jokes separated: praise to the group of splendid researchers, specialists, and other people who are working day and night to get this going.
Returning to my unique story.
How about we begin with Human life (and connections) – Data Gathering
“A significant computerized world”. We are catching and putting away our own life occasions as much as we can carefully (Thanks to internet based life, outside hard circles, and pen-drives). For what reason not store as long as we can remember in a 1000 Petabyte stockpiling gadget. Catch each second – activities, occasions, propensities, choices, and so on. Suppose we can see and experience our folks’ adolescence or see “What all Mahatma Gandhi did in all his years”. Intriguing right?
We as a whole know how rapidly apply autonomy, machine learning, and AI are developing.
Imagine a scenario where we join mechanical autonomy, machine learning, and human life information. Would we be able to make a human copy bot which would react also, settle on choices comparably, have comparative propensities premise the 1000 Petabyte information encouraged. With everything taken into account, would that be able to bot be my substitution after my passing?. Would it be able to be my AFTER-LIFE BOT?
Truly, nothing can supplant a dead individual. I was not lucky to see my granddad or meet him. In any case, will my incredible great/grandchildren think about me? The appropriate response is I don’t have the foggiest idea. We as a whole are endeavoring hard to abandon an inheritance us. For what reason not utilize robots and machine knowledge to copy ourselves. We do have adequate measure of information to encourage ~79 years (normal time of person) or ~2 Billion minutes. Don’t you need your extraordinary grandchildren to recollect you after you are no more?
With a basic Google seek, I got a news article saying “Mind Clone” – transferring the recollections, contemplations, and sentiments of a man into a PC. It specifies that the organizations, for example,, Gordon Bell’s MyLifeBits, and Terasem’s Lifenaut are largely seeking after Mind Clone to enable a man’s identity, to work and connections make due after death.
I positively trust this plan to develop exponentially and who knows “Milind2122” may answer to the remarks beneath following 200 years.
Disclaimer: Please consider the substance and thoughts as fantasies of the creative energy of a restless middle-age fellow endeavoring hard to keep his mind working.

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